Laser ID Buttons™





Laser ID Buttons™ are an ultra durable ID protected by a solid urethane dome.  The key to Laser ID Buttons™ is the use of Interior Mark Technology™ which permits you to mark each one uniquely through the protective dome.    

An Nd:YAG or Nd:Vanadat laser passes though the protective top shield dome to create marks at the interior of the label.  The protection barrier remains in place and undamaged during and after marking.


The unique dome is designed to absorb multiple impacts, continuous severe abrasion and a wide range of chemical exposures.  The urethane dome provides your ID true long term durability in conditions where heavy duty use is expected.


The Laser ID Button™ accepts any type of data or code and can even be marked with graphics or micro text.  Laser ID Buttons™ are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it suitable for plate replacement, miniature ID’s or as control buttons where constant use is expected.


Since each Laser ID Button™ is marked individually, the chore of making unique control ID tags or separately screen printing variable data is no longer necessary.  Each Laser ID Button™ is capable of having variable data marked as each user requires.


The protective dome makes these ID’s suitable for high impact applications where continued reading is needed over the entire life cycle of the part. Primary examples of this type of application are:

      • Tool ID’s for Tool Box Management
      • Instrument ID’s (Asset Tracking or Use management)
      • Exterior Equipment ID (UV Exposure)
      • Solar Panels
      • Fleet Vehicles
      • Vehicle ID
      • IUID


Laser ID Buttons™ can also be combined with other necessary ID uses to create a multi-purpose ID.  This includes color graphics and custom logos, combinable with laser markable films for easy serialization or custom coding.  Some uses for this include:

      • Product Logo ID & Instruction
      • Product Warranty & Serialized ID
      • Corporate Identity & Variable Data
      • Production Authentication