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Freedom Technologies provides Turn-key Solutions for UID and RFID Compliance and Beyond


Tag - We're it!
Freedom Technologies announces new à la carte UID compliance service offerings for tags(dot peen or laser etched), labels, validation,verification, UID registry submission, Mil-STD 130N compliance.


Complying with Mil-STD 130N requires very strategic decisions. With the complexities that are associated with marking, verifying, validation and submitting your data to the UID Registry, maybe one of the most strategic decisions you can make is to let the experts at Freedom Technologies handle your UID Compliance.


Through our UID Compliance marking, verification and registry services, Freedom’s abundant capabilities are extended to you to provide UID compliance with a click of the mouse.

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UID Marking Systems
Freedom Technologies sells and installs UID Direct Part Marking solutions for your UID marking needs. We sell and install major brands of PIN Marking, Ink Jet and Laser Marking equipment.



RFID/UID Data Collection Software
Freedom Technologies’ ID ADVANTAGE™ software offers full integration into your host system for UID marking equipment, UID and RFID reading devices. In addition, our ID ADVANTAGE™ software offers a database repository for full traceability for UID marked products as well as Error Proofing the data collection process, UID Validation software and adding to the UID Registry.


UID and RFID Readers
Freedom Technologies is your source for the UID and RFID readers. UID and RFID Readers are available in handheld and full wireless. UID and RFID readers seamlessly connect to our ID ADVANTAGE™ software for real time connectivity to your host system!